The most powerful of all security systems is controlling access to who and when you want. Access control gives you the solutions. From key card access to key fob to basic push code entry to as advanced as integrated systems with electronic strikes and magnetic locks with a CCTV system. Knowing when and where your employees are can be a great asset that can save you and your company money. From a two door system at a small business to several doors for a larger corporation. Access control is the most diversified system for your security needs.
  • Installation of access control
  • Satellite controlled location (of site form main control)
  • Key fob/card programming
  • Gate or door key pad installation
  • Gate or door key pad installation
  • CCTV integrated system
  • Employee id in/out of access doors
  • Ability to control system from cloud, internet site or main computer system
  • Biometric access